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For these reasons and many more, we must consider what we can do, both as individuals and collectively, to make the necessary changes so that all vulnerable wild species have room to live, thrive and survive…

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Jeff The Donation

There is nothing more precious in Nature than that which is vulnerable. We must all take steps to protect the wild species and spaces that surround us…

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‘Jeff’ The Launch

I am pleased to announce that ‘Within The Darkened Forest’ will be available to order in March of 2023 with shipping commencing in the latter part of March and early April.

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About Jeff Part 4

The Special Moment has at last arrived… The whole story of Mount Nemo’s ‘Jeff’ is now available for all to discover. It is my hope that everyone will take the time to read through the entirety of this important Message of Promise…

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More Magic

As a wildlife artist I have always been drawn to everything Nature. Whether looking through a window to see songbirds flitting about…

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From where does an artist draw inspiration? A scene from Nature? An endearing moment watching a child at play? The antics of a puppy chasing an imaginary butterfly…

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Hawk Over Waves

Bringing Life To All Creatures Great & Small

There is nothing more breathtaking than witnessing the beauty of a raptor as it hovers mere inches above the waves. Its stealth and tenacity is amazing to behold. Now imagine capturing that single moment in time and then permanently sealing its beauty with just the stroke of a brush on canvas. That is when Art meets Nature…

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