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About ‘Jeff’ – Part Two

It has been a while since I have posted to my blog, however for good reason. I have been very busy at my easel with the continuation of my latest painting ‘Within The Darkened the Endangered Species series …

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All About Jeff

I am pleased to announce that I have returned to the easel to continue my Endangered Species series . As always, within this grouping, my focus is on our fragile wild species and spaces in Canada…

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Seasons Plant Photo

With Every Season Comes Creativity

As Winter continues to envelope Ontario, Canada, Mother Nature once again taps her wand to the earth and millions of snowflakes magically descend, creating a blanket of snow that cloaks the land. It’s definitely time to embrace this perfect opportunity…

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Icebergs on Lake

Another Endangered Species Project

It seems that there is rarely a time these days that we are not hearing about the overwhelming crisis regarding our fragile Species at Risk. Whether wild spaces or species, there is a serious situation that is in desperate need for change…

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Snapping Turtle

An Inspirational Letter From David Suzuki

A while back I had the opportunity of Dr. David Suzuki (decades long Host of CBC TV’s The Nature of Things), seeing my Endangered Species art as well as reading about my cause. That is, my overwhelming need to create awareness of our beautiful yet fragile Canadian wild species and spaces. I have begun and will continue to profile a variety of our at risk species through my dedicated art series…

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