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Ontario’s Endangered Species…
by Sherry / November 7, 2022 / WILDLIFE, Keeping The Focus Alive

Bringing Hope Through A Helping Hand…

It has been a while since I have posted a blog regarding our beautiful and very fragile species at risk in Ontario. Given that, I wanted to take the time to revisit the importance of this issue and how, as Canadians we can all do our part in lending a helping hand and maintaining awareness of our special wildlife and plants.

I am sure that many ask – What can I possibly do to help our species at risk? I am only one person… Surprisingly, there are multitudes of directions that one can take to become involved in this urgent matter. Whether donating time or funds to organizations that work tirelessly to save wildlife; signing a petition; writing letters to your local news or taking a bigger stand by voicing your concerns to those in power that refuse to take these matters seriously – we can all make a difference.

For my own contribution, I have, with the best of my ability, pursued these issues through art, media coverage and via my website and blog. There seems so much to do and there is little time to waste. Just imagine a world with no butterflies, including the iconic Monarch. Picture our northern waters void of the spectacular Beluga Whale. Envision our Ontario skies without the magnificent Bald Eagle soaring above the majestic Shumard Oak, a tree that could be lost within our forests.

Those thoughts are too difficult to bear. And so, in an effort to make a difference, I will continue to fight the good fight. I will do this with great passion and tenacity through the gift that I was given – my art and writings. I hope that not just Nature lovers, but all will join me in this fight. We all have our own special way. We can bring hope through a helping hand.

The following provides two more links to my latest writings that have been published in magazines:

Recent Media Coverage…

Local Gardener National Magazine – Artist’s Article – ‘Gardening For Species At Risk’. Click LGM to view
The Wood Duck Magazine – Artist’s Article – ‘An Artist’s Cause And Commitment’. Click TWD to view

As I carry on in with endeavours in exposing the importance of our ‘wild’ Ontario and Canada, my inspiration will come from the beauty of all Nature, our vulnerable species and the inspirational words that Dr. David Suzuki so kindly voiced to me in a personal letter. These are the driving forces behind my art ~ For The Love Of All Things Nature…

I hope that everyone who has taken the time to visit my website and read my blogs regarding this sensitive yet highly necessary issue will find it within to discover how, as an individual, you can find that one gift that makes you special and thus, do the best you can to make a difference for all of our fragile Nature that calls out to us for help. Together, for them.

Have an Artful Day!
Warmest to Everyone,
Sherry ~ artscapesbysherry.ca