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Mindset, Materials, Magic…
by Sherry / June 14, 2022 / BRUSHSTROKES, An Artist’s Thoughts On Painting

From where does an artist draw inspiration? A scene from Nature? An endearing moment watching a child at play? The antics of a puppy chasing an imaginary butterfly? A vase of colourful flowers? A hectic city during rush hour? A special moment? A fond memory? Art is such a personal thing. For the viewer and especially, for the artist. And it all comes to life with the three ‘M’s of art: Mindset, Materials and Magic.

The method or style in which an artist chooses to paint is generally dictated through subject interest and personal interpretation. This then, must surely be considered mindset. After all, mindset refers to attitude; approach; belief and way of thinking, just to name a few definitions. And so, with mindset, there begins the process.

When it comes to materials, some artists use a variety of mediums. Others find one type which often becomes their comfort zone. Choosing the ‘right’ material(s) to achieve an artist’s ultimate goal is important. There is no right or wrong choice. It is simply what works for each artist as an individual.

As the mindset and materials merge, the magic begins. A bold swath of colour swept across the canvas … Delicate brushstrokes that define a distinct line… A whisper of the palest colour gently brushed onto paper… this is the magic of an artist. Creativity is born through the stroke of a brush.

We each find the subjects that speak to us. For myself, I see magic in every moment of Nature. This is where I find my inspiration. There is grandeur around every corner, hidden life within the foliage, beauty with every sunrise or sunset. Strength. Magnificence. Fragility. Vulnerability. Nature has it all and it is all worth capturing on paper, board or canvas. That is my chosen direction. Every artist finds their inner calling and each is as valuable as the next.

Whether an artist is formally educated, self – taught or somewhere in between, creativity is the key. How to paint with acrylics oils, water colours or any other mediums might be a question on the mind of any artist, new or otherwise. Somehow though, we all find our way. By experimenting with several mediums, there is a strong likelihood of discovering the ‘perfect’ match which might just carry through the duration of a painting career be it a hobby or business.

Take time to find the artist within. Art is such a pure expression of thoughtfulness and love. It is no wonder that it brings joy to both artists and viewers alike. Mindset. Materials. Magic… find the pleasure in your craft and the beauty in every subject. I hope these ‘from the heart’ words provide some ideas, inspiration and encouragement to all artists.

Have an Artful Day!
Warmest to Everyone,
Sherry ~ artscapesbysherry.ca