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When A Day Is More Than Just A Day…
by Sherry / May 29, 2022 / FINDING MEMORIES, Making The Most Of Moments

Sometimes a little break from daily life is just what is needed to rejuvenate and refocus body, mind and soul. Whether it consists of a stroll through a park or a peaceful drive along the countryside, there are always opportunities to see something special. Time spent outdoors is all about making the most of moments and ultimately, finding memories along the way. And perhaps, as a bonus, inspiring the artist in all of us.

As Spring brings a bounty of beauty outdoors and thoughts of more warm days are on the minds of many, I felt that a change of pace from my regular info and art updates would be in order at this time. Sometimes we just need to take a breath, relax and enjoy the moment. Overwhelming thoughts can be replaced when a ‘zen’ moment finds us. While it is different for everyone, it is nonetheless, those moments that provide the peace and comfort that we all seek. And those moments often lead to our fondest memories or for artists our best creative endeavours!

With that in mind, I want to share some of my own special, inspirational moments. Above and below are a few highlights of our typical warm weather lakeside and country drives. Every turn in the road provides another opportunity to snap photos while submersing oneself in creative thoughts. It is like hitting the ‘refresh’ button.

For myself, memory moments can be as simple as a glorious sunrise or sunset; catching sight of a songbird flitting about or watching a raptor soar high on thermals. Just as enjoyable is observing wildlife as they cautiously jog by or, simply seeing some domestic friends grazing peacefully. Colourful blooms are always a treat during a country excursion.

Some ask me what type of Nature provides my best ‘zen’ moment. Personally, it is the opportunity to watch the ever constant changes of natural bodies of water. Whether a river, lake or ocean ~ the movement is truly mesmerizing. I find it provides space to ‘breathe’ with every calming ripple or conversely, with every crashing wave. Nature at its best. It’s all good…

If opportunity presents itself, our lakes and oceans are worth visiting, exploring or just drenching one’s spirit with their beauty. From craggy cliffs to sandy shorelines or from boulder strewn beaches to marshy inlets, enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer. There is splendor around every bend. Be inspired. Find the artist within…

From sunrises over Lake Ontario (top photo) to sunsets overlooking the Niagara Escarpment (bottom photo) and all places in between, enjoy your day whatever the time of year. I hope these photo collages bring you peace, calm and inspiration. Make the most of every moment as you find your own serenity and memories!

Have an Artful Day!
Warmest to Everyone,
Sherry ~