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Bringing Life To All Creatures Great & Small…
by Sherry / May 14, 2022 / ART, When Art Meets Nature

There is nothing more breathtaking than witnessing the beauty of a raptor as it hovers mere inches above the waves. Its stealth and tenacity is amazing to behold. Now imagine capturing that single moment in time and then permanently sealing its beauty with just the stroke of a brush on canvas. That is when Art meets Nature.

While an artist’s individual interpretation of their subject can vary extensively, the end result should always be how the artist ‘feels’ as the piece develops over time and through to completion. In my opinion, knowing that the subject has been captured as seen through the eyes of this artist is both joyful and satisfying.

As a wildlife artist, I have always felt that an artist need not initially know how to paint birds. Rather, just get to know them. As a youngster and an adult I frequently watched their habits, movements and actions. This often tells much about each species and has always helped me decide how I will choose to paint a wild bird or songbird. It truly does come down to personal interpretation.

Whether a wildlife artist chooses realism, abstract or any other form, in whatever manner it is portrayed, I personally feel that the subject should always be clearly understood in the mind of the viewer and that it provides their own understanding of the subject and background.

While I personally choose to portray wildlife in a more realistic light to let their natural beauty and magnificence shine through, it is ultimately what each artist sees in their own mind. There are no right answers – just choices.

Whatever that choice and whatever the style, wildlife as a subject will surely bring years of joy to any artist. Step outside. Look around. And enjoy the beauty of the wild. Bringing life to all creatures great and small through the stroke of a brush is, without doubt, a joy for this Canadian wildlife artist.

Have an Artful Day!
Warmest to Everyone,
Sherry ~ artscapesbysherry.ca