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All About ‘Jeff’ – Part Two
by Sherry / April 29, 2022 / WILDLIFE, Protecting Our Local Treasures

Inspirational Scenes During a Drive Through the Beautiful Niagara Escarpment


It has been a while since I have posted to my blog, however for good reason. I have been very busy at my easel with the continuation of my latest painting ‘Within The Darkened Forest’, the Endangered Species series. Since my last note, some exciting events have taken place regarding this special dedicated piece.

I have had the opportunity to discuss the very important matter of our species at risk in Ontario during two interviews, one on television and the second through a podcast. As well, more details have been shared through a special article written for a local newspaper. The following provides the details of each coverage:

THN (The Hamilton Network) CABLE 14 TV. Click THN to view
Hamilton Community Newspapers – Stoney Creek edition. Click HCN to read
Burlington Now Podcast Local Endangered Species & ‘Jeff’. Click BNP to listen

A photo of the local forests taken on a drive last Autumn ~ Pure Inspiration for a Nature & Wildlife Artist!

These timely interviews and article come when this species is at the forefront of local news reports as recent road closures took place to allow for its annual breeding migration, which is a critical component in the protection of this tiny yet mighty species. Within the Ontario Species At Risk Act, this little salamander is listed as endangered. We can never allow valuable creatures to slip away. When a species is gone (extirpated) from an area, it is often gone for good. Imagine the consequences of such a fate. It is time to take action.

And so, I continue at the easel for this extraordinary little species and its fragile habitat. As my brush sweeps across the canvas, I am discovering that my early vision of this painting as a closeup view of escarpment rocks and simplified forest with ‘Jeff’ as the feature, has now gone through a metamorphosis of sorts and has become more about the many aspects of the beautiful Mount Nemo escarpment. While the initial design shown in the beginning stages below – (pencil study and subsequent painting commencement, shown in muted grey tones), my painting now reveals the depth of this fragile area as this art piece continues to evolve.

As mentioned in my last blog, I have a familiarity with the region having grown up in the country not far from the Mount Nemo area. My fondness to travel back to the places that I called home as a youngster is clear in the photos that I snap along the way as we cruise along the winding roads that slice through forests and pass
by rich farm lands. It is not surprising that I feel the need to take up this cause and, through my art, give back for the preservation of the area. I appreciate those who have acknowledged my passion and determination.

And so, as time is of the essence ~ that means, it is also time to return to the easel. Through the stroke of a brush, I continue to bring ‘Jeff’ and the Mount Nemo escarpment to life. As with all of my ‘Darkness’ series paintings ~ while bold, colourful, dark and haunting in nature, the true beauty of the subjects contained within
will always shine with brightness and hope for their strength, resilience and longevity.

Inspiration from the Beautiful Escarpment. With that, and with the Stroke of a Brush ~ ‘Within The Darkened Forest’ is born
While both teasers above are shown in muted tones, sneak peeks of the full colour painting will be coming soon

As a salute to the beautiful Niagara Escarpment in Mount Nemo; to ‘Jeff’; to all of the fragile flora and fauna and certainly, to the organizations (CORE Burlington and PERL) that work tirelessly to keep Mount Nemo forests, wetlands and farmland strong, healthy and safe, I am thrilled to continue progress on ‘Within The Darkened Forest’. I am pleased to help bring awareness to these crucial issues through my art and to donate to these organizations for the betterment of the escarpment and its magnificent creatures within.

While my original close up portrayal of the Jefferson Salamander and the snippet of the Mount Nemo escarpment has morphed into much more, I do it all from my heart, and ~ For the Love of All Things Nature. Stay tuned for further updates and the release date of ‘Within The Darkened Forest… And Remember

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Have an Artful Day!
Warmest to Everyone,
Sherry ~ artscapesbysherry.ca