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All About ‘Jeff’…
by Sherry / March 14 , 2022 / WILDLIFE , Protecting Our Local Treasures

Scenes From The Beautiful Niagara Escarpment


I am pleased to announce that I have returned to the easel to continue my Endangered Species series . As always, within this grouping, my focus is on our fragile wild species and spaces in Canada. I am presently concentrating on species within our beautiful province of Ontario.

Although I have been planning and creating various studies of my upcoming subject for the past few months, the execution of this painting comes at a time when this species is at the forefront of local news reports as road closures take place to allow for its annual breeding migration. Thus, I have only one topic in mind. And ~
It’s all about ‘Jeff’!

And so, for this extraordinary little species ~ I paint. As well, for its fragile habitat and those that protect both.

While each work of art in this series is unique in of itself, the recurring theme can be clearly seen and understood. With every subject possible, these beautiful yet vulnerable creatures are either moving toward or are being surrounded by the ‘Darkness’. However, all portrayed take a moment to look back at the viewer with one simple yet haunting question… Why?

My latest work (study shown above) will feature the endangered Jefferson Salamander, as well as the diverse yet threatened UNESCO biosphere reserve on the Niagara Escarpment – in particular, the Mount Nemo area.I am quite familiar with this area having grown up close to the region. I understand the beauty that once was and hope for its return to full glory some day very soon

Titled ‘Within The Darkened Forest’, my piece is dedicated to this special little amphibian and the precious escarpment where, it dwells in precarious numbers. The Jefferson is highly endangered in this area and throughout Ontario. It is crucial to take steps to protect this elusive and vulnerable creature.

This painting is being created to draw attention to this critical situation and to assist the continued efforts of the hardworking organizations CORE Burlington (Conserving Our Rural Ecosystems) and PERL (Protecting Escarpment Rural Land) based in Burlington, Ontario. Both organizations are well aware of the need to
protect this fragile ecosystem.

Escarpment Reference Photos For ‘Within The Darkened Forest’

There Are Many Who Care:

CORE Burlington and PERL have many dedicated individuals who continue to fight for this precious area. Included among those individuals is PERL’s co-founder Sarah Harmer.

Juno Award Winning Canadian singer, songwriter and Environmental activist , Sarah is no stranger to Mount Nemo and the Escarpment area. She and so many others are truly dedicated and continue to raise awareness of the troubling issues facing this incredibly fragile region and special inhabitants.

Sarah’s family has farmed this area for years and they understand the importance of this treasured region. Along with her family, friends and Sarah’s friends in the industry, they have selflessly donated time and financial aid to fight the good fight through their many efforts including concert fundraisers.

I am pleased to work with Sarah, PERL and CORE Burlington to help bring greater understanding regarding the concerns for ‘Jeff’ and the highly fragile escarpment area in and surrounding Mount Nemo. Time is always of the essence when dealing with vulnerable areas, especially when it affects our endangered species and a region that is highly prized for its natural elements and unique beauty.

And so, with determination to bring this needed awareness to these crucial issues, I am excited to begin this dedicated painting ‘Within The Darkened Forest It is designed to showcase fragile species at risk in an area that is near and dear to my heart. More importantly, the ultimate goal is to assist our local organizations in their quest to save Ontario’s Endangered Species and Spaces.

To these incredible treasures that bless this region, I hope that my closeup portrayal of both the Jefferson Salamander and the magnificent escarpment in Mount Nemo will bring back light to the darkness that shrouds them. For all our species at risk, I continue to paint For the Love of All Things Nature . Stay tuned for further
updates and ultimately, the release date of ‘Within The Darkened Forest’ And Remember ~

Have an Artful Day!
Warmest to Everyone,
Sherry ~ artscapesbysherry.ca