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An Artist’s Thoughts On Inspiration…
by Sherry / March 7, 2022 / BRUSHSTROKES, Turning A Vision Into Art

It is clear that it is still winter throughout Ontario and I’m sure there are plenty of snow enthusiasts enjoying outdoor activities. However, there are those more inclined to stay tucked indoors dreaming of warmer days to come with gardens overflowing with colour. A wintry day seems the perfect time to shed the cold chills and enjoy bundles of beautiful flowers indoors.

There are plenty of Spring blooms available at this time of year and they are often easily found in the floral department of your local grocer. Whether cut flowers or potted bulbs, a few sweetly scented posies can ‘cheer up’ a wintery day while bringing freshness to any room. As an added bonus, it might just encourage some creative brushstrokes at an artist’s easel.

Take advantage of your floral arrangements. Make this the perfect opportunity to put ‘brush to canvas’ so to speak and create your own colourful work of art! It could just be the needed inspiration for a Nature artist at this time of the year – at least on the flora side of Nature.

If live flowers are not available but you happen to be a gardener, perhaps some photos from past seasons could be your inspiration. Every flower, every stem, every leaf has a brushstroke just waiting to happen. Whether realism, abstract or somewhere in between, each artist will find their own way to put their mind’s image on their canvas, board or paper.

Perception is key. How do you see the subject? How does it translate through your brush or pencil? Will your brush or pencil stroke be bold or delicate? Wide or fine? Intentional or subtle? Realism or abstract? Or all of the above? It is an artist’s own prerogative regarding interpretation of their subject and determining the final product. It is, after all, your personal ‘brushstroke’ that brings purpose to your artwork.

In my piece above, I have chosen my own personal ArtFusion technique which provides a unique one-of-a-kind work of art. As I continue the process, I will determine how much colour that I will add to provide the ‘punch’ that I am seeking to achieve. As well, this piece is being created on canvas rather than my usual material which is professional artist quality paper. However canvas is providing additional textural content. Whatever works in the moment.

Be sure to enjoy a little bit of colour this Winter. Inspire the artist within. Warm up this season with some bold colourful blooms. Then consider applying a few floral brushstrokes to your canvas, board or paper in whatever form that brings you joy! It’s all about your own style.

Have an Artful Day!
Warmest to Everyone,
Sherry ~ artscapesbysherry.ca