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With Every Season Comes Creativity…
by Sherry / February 27, 2022 / SEASONS, What Inspires A Nature Artist

As Winter continues to envelope Ontario, Canada, Mother Nature once again taps her wand to the earth and millions of snowflakes magically descend, creating a blanket of snow that cloaks the land. It’s definitely time to embrace this perfect opportunity.

Imagine the possibilities… See the individual flakes. Hear the wind howling through the trees. Watch branches sway. Discover formations in the fallen snow. Feel the crispness of the air. Use all of your senses to envision the scene. That is what inspires a Nature artist.

It is in that instant that I feel compelled to capture that single moment in time and then permanently seal its beauty with the stroke of a brush on canvas. Whatever the season, whatever the vision ~ that is when Art meets Nature.

While every artist’s individual interpretation varies extensively, the end result should always be how the artist ‘feels’ as the piece develops through to completion. Ultimately, a successful work of art should provide satisfaction for the artist while arousing feelings within the viewer.

An artist need not witness an actual scene in Nature to form a vision that begs an artistic touch. It is simply seeing the image and interpreting the feelings that it awakens. It should be whatever scene forms in the mind when taking in the surroundings. It may be exactly as it appears or have only certain elements within the scene that evokes the picture that develops.

I take a moment to form the vision…

The lake freezes over. A thick forest spans the land on the opposite bank. An ancient tree is tumbled by recent storms. Open fields are blanketed with snow as tenacious shrubbery fight to stay erect. And one lone sentinel stands guard, watching for the slightest of movement in the distance. But the solitary creature sits silently, hidden within the branches as though a frozen statue unwilling to announce its location. And thus unfolds ~ ‘Winter Watch’.

Have an Artful Day!
Warmest to Everyone,
Sherry ~ artscapesbysherry.ca