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Another Endangered Species Project…
by Sherry / February 21, 2022 / WILDLIFE, Shadows Of Darkness

It seems that there is rarely a time these days that we are not hearing about the overwhelming crisis regarding our fragile Species at Risk. Whether wild spaces or species, there is a serious situation that is in desperate need for change.

Fearing the potential of species extinctions, both close to home and around the world, many deeply concerned individuals and organizations go to great lengths in their efforts to help resolve the issues of the vulnerable and endangered.

Personally, I remain stalwart in my endeavours to bring awareness to these difficult issues. Having said that, I will continue to draw attention to the magnificent ‘wild’ through my Endangered Species art as I continue on with yet another subject on my easel. The message created within this piece is strong and with great intent to bring to light the serious ramifications facing the waters and species that call it their home.

Fractured North’ is dedicated to our magnificent yet fragile northern regions. This piece highlights the significant effects of climate change on everything it touches. From melting glaciers to our iconic white whales, our beautiful Canadian North is on a trajectory that no area of such beauty deserves.

Much must be said and voices should be heard loud and clear – all echoing the concerns for our glorious northern regions with its stunningly beautiful land, water and spectacular wildlife. Our beautiful iconic Beluga whales deserve a safe haven. This ‘canary of the sea’ stands out amongst the rest with its distinct white coloration.

We cannot afford to lose any of our precious species due to severe weather events or other issues that affect their lives. Nor should we be forced to watch our frozen regions melt away under climate change. Belugas depend on sea ice for their existence.

And so – with paint on palette and brush on canvas ~ it’s onward and upward as I continue to bring forth our Canadian Species at Risk. I do it for them. And ~ For the Love of All Things Nature…

Have an Artful Day!
Warmest to Everyone,
Sherry ~ artscapesbysherry.ca